Court Booking


If you can't book a court as you see "padlocks" - please check in the top right that you're logged in as a BTA member, then click here for troubleshooting advice.

Court Booking Rules & Restrictions (by proceeding to book a court you have read and agreed to the below):

  • Courts are available to book up to 8 days in advance.
  • We currently impose a limit on each member of 3 bookings of up to 2 hours each in a 7 day rolling period.
  • Members must not book on behalf of others, and are expected to arrive for their own bookings (the exception being those in a Family Membership booking for others within their membership)
  • The courts are not typically floodlit, so please book a time when you're confident there will be sufficient light to play. 
  • As we're a club that embraces inclusivity and access to tennis for all, we always leave one court available for anyone to turn up and play. Therefore three of our four courts are available to book (this is why court 4 is listed as "closed" to bookings). 
  • For certain regular weekly events, for example during Tuesday club nights (19:00 - 21:00), the BTA may use all four courts. These are clearly marked on the booking schedule.
  • Once you've completed the booking form, you will recieve an email confirming your booking. Please bring this booking confirmation with you.
  • If you do not arrive to use the court within 15 minutes of your booking start time, your booking becomes void for the entire duration, and other players may utilise the court. 
  • Please only book courts for the duration that you require, and cancel your booking well in advance if you find you cannot play.
  • Please be respectful of those using the facility when you arrive for your booking.
  • The BTA reserves the right to remove court booking privileges, among other reasonable actions, for violations of the above rules