Wimbledon Ballot 2024

2024 Wimbledon Ballot for BTA Members

The Wimbledon ballot process for BTA members has changed significantly in recent years. Unfortunately we no longer get a block allocation as a Club and instead it is all centralised with the LTA and club members participate individually. So here is the process explained:-


  • Current BTA members who have a login through our BTA/Clubspark website should automatically be registered with the LTA under the ‘LTA Advantage Play+’ category.
  • Everyone in the LTA Advantage Play+ category should be notified by email during December that they need to ‘Opt-In’ to the 2024 Wimbledon Ballot.
  • The window for opting-in is from 31 December 2023 to 15 January 2024 – ie not very long!
  • The LTA email will contain information as to how to Opt-In – but essentially you will need to log onto the LTA Advantage website (using your Clubspark/BTA login) and then go through the Opt-In steps. 
  • Once you have ‘opted in’ you will then be given instructions via email from the LTA as to how to participate in the Ballot.
  • The exacts dates that the Ballot will be open for 2024 haven’t yet been announced but will most likely be in the January – March period.
  • In the unlikely event that you do not receive the LTA email asking you to opt-in, you can register directly for LTA Advantage Play+ using this link:-  Register for Advantage (


Please note that by simply being a BTA member does not guarantee your participation in the 2024 Ballot – you need to take the ‘opt-in’ steps outlined above in order to participate!